Keynotes & Seminars

Bridges Suite of Courses

Boardroom Briefing

Half day

Keynote and Case Study on DBS Bank.

Execution Agility

One day

Seminar for leaders looking to be more competitive by moving faster and leveraging their excellence-inexecution differentiator.


Masterclass: HOW to Achieve Excellence in Execution

Three days

Masterclass provides you with the updated approach, thinking, uncommon practices, frameworks and language required to execute your strategy with excellence.

Middle Managers Role in Strategy Implementation: The Lynchpin of Success

One day

Workshop addresses the critical role middle managers play in implementing strategy.


Strategic Thinking for Leaders: An Essential Skill in Today’s Turbulent Times

Two days

Workshop discusses the skills you need to be a strategic thinker at both a macro and micro level.

Building Your Strategy Execution Plan: In-house only

One day

Workshop designed for a leadership team embarking on a new strategy.


Excellence in Execution Simulation Workshop

Two days

Workshop combines theory with computer-based simulation.

Strategy Implementation for Leaders

One day

Longest-running seminar in the world on strategy implementation.

Bridges Suite of Courses

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