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Building Your Digital Business Course

  • No conference tables – learn in an open environment
  • No printed workbook – receive online link to material
  • No fixed agenda – fluid format to dive into what you need

The singular focus of this course is to assist leaders in transforming their business so they can strategically leverage digitalization. This then enables their organization to deliver greater value to their customers and shareholders. The course has evolved from our research and engagements around the world since 2015.

This uniquely designed one-day course aims to deliver maximum value by:

  • Sharing a model for adopting digitalization
  • Supporting participants in avoiding common traps
  • Changing leaders’ mindset about digitization
  • Restructuring the organization’s culture
  • Sharing global best practices and case studies
  • Using an open and flexible approach to adjust to participants’ needs as they discover what it takes to digitally transform their business

Upon entering the room, they won’t find round conference tables with white tablecloths, workbooks and a fixed agenda in place. Instead, they’ll participate in a free-flowing conversation that addresses their specific digitalization questions and requirements.

The environment and course design reflect how organizations need to reinvent themselves to adopt digitalization. Initially, some participants might feel uncomfortable with this arrangement. This is intentional! Any discomfort felt is nothing compared to the discomfort required to transform into a digitally driven organization. The goal? To avoid the 84% implementation failure rate of organizations adopting digitalization.

It’s not about having a digital strategy but executing a strategy in the digital world.

One of the first challenges in adopting digitalization is to recognize the role it plays in the overall organization strategy. It is not about creating a digital strategy but having a strategy in the digital world. Framing the question correctly is imperative. The strategic question is not about what digitalization can do for your organization. It’s this: “What is your strategy, in a digital world, to meet and exceed your customers’ new necessities?”

Every organization needs to adapt its business model to the new working environment but the speed at which it has to transform depends on the market and strategy objectives. Recognizing this, Building Your Digital Business features interactive discussions provoked by sharing a model, methodology, case studies and hard-hitting facts while challenging current perceptions.

To support building a digital business, there are three strategic stages and 11 steps for leaders to consider. These are captured in The Ticking Clock© model for digitalization, shown below.

Building Your Digital Business e-Brochure

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