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Building Your Strategy Execution Plan Workshop

Plan your execution as part of your strategy planning
(an in-house workshop for leadership teams)


A critical best practice learned from successful strategy executions is this: Plan your execution during the strategy planning.Taking time to develop your execution plan doesn’t dilute from the strategy planning; instead, it adds tremendous long-term value. It dramatically increases your odds of success and generates an enriched conversation that includes how to discuss the strategy story, what to communicate, what actions to take and how to engage people.

The conversation among leaders results in:

  • Further defining the strategy to all the leaders
  • Stating in detail what needs to be done to achieve execution
  • Detailing the expected timeline of execution
  • Clearly articulating the strategy outcomes
  • Specifying individual responsibilities
  • Starting the execution journey with the right resources and capabilities
  • Building belief and confidence among people across the organization

A strategy that’s well executed transforms the experience from doing challenging, confusing and complicated tasks to being engaging, enjoyable and even exhilarating.

When executing strategy, leaders often struggle with key decisions such as where to focus, where to allocate resources, what to communicate and what actions to take. Building a comprehensive execution plan gives everyone a point of focus while dramatically increasing the organization’s ability to achieve its strategy outcomes. This is especially true when the execution is developed with the same intensity as the strategy itself.

The challenge becomes to succeed when two-thirds of organizations fail. How? By working to assess your execution capabilities and then customize the building blocks using a structured approach in this two-day workshop.
This workshop is designed for leaders embarking on a new strategy and aiming to achieve Excellence in Execution. It guides your leadership team through:

  • The essential building blocks for achieving excellence in execution
  • The latest strategy execution research
  • Various case studies
  • The uncommon practices from successful organizations and leaders
  • Secrets of execution from leading organizations

The workshop also assesses your organization’s execution capabilities.


How Ready is Your Organization to Execute?

The workshop starts with a pre-course online assessment called Readiness2Execute. This assists you during the workshop in identifying the right actions to take, the starting point of your implementation journey and the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The results are captured in a radar-like illustration. (See example graphic.)


How Does This Workshop Prepare For Your Unique Needs?

Every organization’s culture is different and therefore every execution requires a unique approach to planning and executing it. This two-day in-house-only workshop is customized to your organization’s needs. To set up specific objectives and design, Bridges conducts pre-workshop one-on-one interviews (either in person or by telephone). Your culture, situation and requirements are identified through these interviews as well as assessments and reviews of your current strategy and position.


What Happens in the Workshop?

During the workshop, members of the leadership team are challenged to translate their strategy objectives into a unique execution plan. They are guided through the building blocks for achieving Excellence in Execution. Powerful execution tips, checklists, toolkits, stories and case studies are shared and discussed. The Excellence in Execution building blocks include:

  • Three Broad Themes of Execution – taking the strategy execution to the frontline
  • Strategy Cadence – determining the speed of your execution
  • Resource Allocation and Budgeting – setting people up for success
  • Communication to Launch the Strategy – creating the right first impression
  • Communication Two Waves – communicating constantly and effectively
  • Strategy Execution Office (SEO) – determining if there should be one
  • Implementation Compass™ – using this framework for identifying the right actions
  • Decoding the Execution Challenge – understanding why change management does not work
  • Leveraging a Strategy Scorecard – measuring to manage the business
  • Leader’s Role – driving and championing the execution
  • Middle Manager’s Role – the lynchpin in the organization
  • Alignment of Current Projects – ensuring employees are contributing to the strategy
  • The Execution Juxtaposition – dealing with the conflict of short- and long-term targets
  • Double Paradox of Choice – providing choice but not too much
  • Over the Wall Tactics – moving employees to where you need them to be
  • Synergizing Work to Strategy – examining where the organization needs to excel to deliver the strategy
  • Review Rhythm – conducting regular reviews

By the end of the workshop, the team comes away with a comprehensive execution plan tailored to the organization’s strategy and needs.


How Do You Make the Execution Your Own?

Once participants develop the right actions to execute the strategy, the plan of action takes place in 90-day compartments. In many organizations, actions that are set up to be completed over several months are not achieved, and some are not even started. People put off working on actions because they just don’t know where to begin when the deadline is far out or when it’s a large, daunting task. However, there’s magic in this recommendation. By consciously ensuring the actions can be completed within 90 days, leaders make them manageable and their efforts gain traction.

If an action is not completed within that timeframe, then it means:

  • It might not have been important enough, or
  • It was too complicated and needs to be broken down into smaller actions.

Theory promises and results sell. In this case, the strategy is the theory and the execution is where success happens.


What Happens After the Workshop?

Within 90 days after the workshop, Bridges conducts a two-hour follow-up meeting to ensure action plans are progressing correctly and the execution is moving forward.


Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This in-house workshop is specifically for senior leaders responsible for creating and executing a new strategy for their organization.


Who is the Workshop Leader?

Robin Speculand is a global pioneer and expert in strategy implementation and the founder of Bridges Business Consultancy Int. He is driven to transform organizations around the world by guiding leaders through their strategy implementation challenges. He provides them with the understanding, tools and templates to succeed where so many have failed. Robin’s work begins as leaders are crafting their strategy and starting to plan their implementation journey.

As a sought-after speaker at strategy and international business forums, his expertise has been featured in strategy journals and through international print and electronic media including the BBC UK & Global, Channel News Asia, CNBC, Financial Times and Telegraph, and Singapore Straits Times.

Robin has developed several proprietary tools including the Implementation Compass™, which identifies actions in the eight critical areas for Excellence in Execution. In 2013, he created the Implementation Hub, the first portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation. It features over 450 resources to support leaders in their implementation journey. He was also the first person to have a strategy implementation blog and app.

Specializing in strategy implementation, Bridges was founded after Robin left his position as Citigroup Regional Vice President, Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific, in 2000. Since first assisting Singapore Airlines as its initial client, Bridges has helped governments, multinational corporations and local organizations across five continents achieve Excellence in Execution. This has led Robin to write five books, two of which have become international bestsellers: Bricks to Bridges–Make Your Strategy Come Alive and Beyond Strategy–The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation. His latest book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Strategy is due for release in 2017.

Robin earned an MBA from the National University of Singapore and serves as an adjunct professor at Singapore Management University and educator for Duke CE. He is a founding member of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore and a member of the Global Speakers Federation.

Outside of work, Robin is a die-hard ironman athlete.

For more information, please email [email protected]


Organization Assessment

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Your report is generated by answering the questions in each of the eight categories. The results are available as a downloadable document (CSV) for an investment fee of SS$25.00. (All transactions are secured with PayPal secure gateway)


“Organizations excellent in execution leverage their culture as a strength.”

Robin Speculand

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