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Execution Agility Workshop


What is your organization Strategy Cadence, the speed of your strategy execution?

What do you need to do differently to achieve excellence in execution when most fail?

This seminar is for leaders looking to be more competitive by moving faster and leveraging their excellence in execution as a competitive differentiator. The seminar distinctively gives you the opportunity to delve deep into your organization’s execution challenges. As you discuss and apply key areas of concern, you will understand what it takes to achieve excellence in execution.

You’ll have the opportunity to not only learn from one of the leading thinkers and experts in the field but also from other participants. That happens during the discovery module discussing the strategy execution of a fictitious company, the lightning discussions on topics of your choice and other interactions. You’ll also benefit from relevant videos and paired exercises as well as sharing of uncommon practices and mini case studies. The seminar material is based on the book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Your Strategy (Morgan James 2017), written by the seminar’s leader, Robin Speculand.

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