The Double Paradox of Choice

Published on September 2017
Choice is good – up to a point, writes Robin Speculand.

Which do you prefer: to be told what to do by your boss,…

How to inspire people?

Published in People Matters April 2017

Do you want to inspire or motivate your employees when implementing strategy the difference can be the difference between success and failure!…

Overcoming Strategy Communication Pitfalls

Published Oct 2017 in Thought Leader
Strategy execution is still a relatively new topic in business and leaders struggle how to do it. They face many execution challenges and the top one is communicating the strategy.…

Leaders Can’t Execute Strategy

Published on: Thursday, August 24, 2017

Leaders across the world have been taught how to plan but not how to execute. Every university offering a business degree has on their faculty a professor teaching strategy but almost none have a professor teaching its execution.…

An Outstanding Truth

Nine out of ten strategies fail to be implemented successfully.
This is the outstanding truth that business leaders around the world have been ignoring. For 40 years since change management first became a business topic we have been blindly following the same recipe for failure!…