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Implementation Consultancy Approach

Businesses create strategies to win market share, outplay the competition and increase shareholder value—to name only a few goals. But no matter how good your strategy is, it will only deliver on its promises when it’s implemented successfully. The corporate graveyard of strategy implementation is littered with organizations that have failed to deliver on their strategy. Despite leaders’ best intentions, more implementations fail than succeed.

In 2002, Bridges first published that nine out of 10 implementations fail. In 2016, we were delighted to report an improvement of successful implementations from 10% to 33%. (Success is delivering at least 50% of your strategy outcomes in the desired period.) But still two-thirds are failing.

Bridges specializes is making your strategy implementation succeed. It is all we do.

Our approach differs in that we don’t implement your strategy; your organization must own it and do it. We guide you through your journey and provide you the resources and advice along the way. We offer you tools, templates, and tips, highlight decisions that might not work, facilitate discussions and share our intellectual property for you to adopt and own. We partner with you.

Within 12 to 18 months, our clients are typically self-sufficient and we have made our services obsolete. Why? Because our goals are to change the approach being adopted by most companies in implementing strategy and transfer the required knowledge to succeed.

We typically start consulting in the latter part of the strategy planning, just before the board members sign off on the strategy.

We often start by assessing your implementation capabilities and then assist in different ways. For example:

For a global technology company, we started by branding its U.S. head office strategy into teaser images. We then shared these images along with “why” the company was changing across Asia Pacific. The images communicated better than words, especially for employees who spoke English as a second or third language. We then worked with this company for 18 months delivering various interventions.
bank in the Gulf
For a bank in the Gulf, we discovered after the assessment that leaders understood the new strategy but had not fully considered its impact on their business vertical. We facilitated the crafting of a strategy map and scorecard to help them understand the business impact and manage the new strategy implementation. In the first year, the company’s operational profits rose 41%. We then worked with this company for 30 months delivering various interventions.
financial institution in Asia
For a financial institution in Asia that had crafted a strategy, we faced the challenge of many leaders not seeing how it could add value to the business. To support the strategy launch, we designed a two-day workshop for the leaders in each country. Its content linked the business to the strategy and demonstrated the revenue opportunity. After each workshop, the company’s CEO visited the country’s CEO to confirm that the plans aligned with the whole organization and were aggressive enough to deliver the strategy.
chemical client in Europe
With a chemical client in Europe, the new CEO inherited a failed strategy implementation. While the new strategy was being finalized, we worked with people in the different countries to understand why the previous implementation had failed. What had to change for the new strategy to succeed? The CEO shared lessons learned and we integrated them into a strategy launch that created a strong positive impression. We then assisted the leaders to communicate the strategy throughout the implementation.


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“You can outsource the crafting of the strategy but not its implementation.”

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