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DBS Bank Journey to Becoming the Best Digital and Now Best Bank in the World Keynote

DBS Bank was the first bank to receive Euromoney’s inaugural award “World’s Best Digital Bank” in 2016 and then again in 2018. Imagine! In six short years, DBS was transformed from the poorest performing bank in Singapore to being recognized as the best digital bank in the world. Then it won Global Finance best bank in the world award.

Discover how DBS leaders achieved this phenomenal transformation through two strategies in this absorbing, informative and enlightening keynote.

The keynote introduction highlights what the bank did to successfully implement its first strategy to perform at international standards and how it succeeded where other organizations failed. This set the foundation that allowed its digital strategy 2.0 – make banking invisible, to be implemented.

The heart of the keynote describes the DBS journey to make banking both invisible and joyful to its customers by leveraging digital. It explains how DBS created a 22,000-employee startup, transformed the core, mostly and:

  • How DBS adopted digital from the core to transform
  • How to transform into a digital organization in 11 steps
  • How it made its employees technology literate
  • How it leveraged digital technology to improve its operations
  • How it measures its digital strategy
  • How it created “digibank” – a mobile-only bank


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