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Middle Managers Keynote – The Lynchpin of Execution

For too long, the role of middle managers has been overlooked in strategy execution. But no longer. Without middle managers participating in the implementation, it will fail. They are the lynchpin of implementation success. Why? Because they translate the big-picture strategy into daily actions. They provide critical communication both up and down the organization. And the frontline listens to them more than senior leaders!

This informative and stimulating keynote is based on research conducted for the bestselling book, Excellence in Execution–HOW to Implement Your Strategy, by the presenter. It engages the audience in the role middle managers play in strategy execution, shares nuggets of success critical to their role, and explains what to avoid and how to create transformation. That’s just the warm up!

The main part of this keynote addresses these four essential activities for middle managers:

  1. Translating strategy into actions
  2. Allocating resources
  3. Coaching and mentoring
  4. Engaging their people in the execution

Middle Managers Keynote

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