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Nine Uncommon Practices for Succeeding in Business Today

You can no longer rely on yesterday’s success to deliver tomorrow’s results. There are new ways of working in the current business landscape. This interactive, informative and entertaining keynote highlights nine practices top-performing leaders have adopted to succeed today.


The Presentation

The nine uncommon practices derive from the latest thinking and habits of successful leaders. Each practice can enhance your business’s performance and create breakthroughs that overcome roadblocks. They are explained through examples, stories and neuroscience research that audience members will find engaging.

To an organization that’s implementing strategy, applying these nine practices can make the difference between success and failure. They are:

  1. 90-day chunks – setting up action items in 90-day compartments
  2. Structure Your Success – providing a solid framework for implementation
  3. Make choice your collaborator – increasing fivefold the likelihood of employees taking the right actions by making choices
  4. Less is More – asking people to do less and why it achieves more
  5. Communicate throughout – avoiding the communication dissipating after the strategy is launched
  6. Abandon Yesterday – recognizing that yesterday’s performance no longer guarantees tomorrow’s revenue
  7. Point out what’s right – avoiding what many leaders do: only pointing out what’s wrong and not coaching their people on what’s right
  8. Review Rhythm – adopting a regular pattern for following up on the implementation
  9. Implementation never goes according to plan – acknowledging that whatever you planned is not what will happen

After the nine uncommon practices are presented, participants vote electronically on what is most relevant and discuss which uncommon practice is best for them to adopt to create the right actions.

The Presenter

Robin Speculand is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation who is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different mindset and approach. The founder of three companies and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, he has created the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. He is also co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute, a TEDx presenter and an  international bestselling author who has sold more than 50,000 books worldwide.


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