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Nine Uncommon Practices for the New Business Landscape Keynote



Organizations are at greater risk and pressure due to business model disruption than any other time in history. They can no longer rely on yesterday’s success for tomorrow. This is leading to new ways of working in a new landscape. This engaging and entertaining keynote highlights what just a handful of successful leaders are doing differently.


The Presentation

These uncommon practices are the latest thinking from our client work and research. It includes, 1. how to achieve your strategic objectives by doing less, not more and 2. how you need to provide people with choices for higher engagement, and 3. how to constantly review in order to create a rhythm.

Each of the 11 uncommon practices are explained using examples, stories and research and are:

  1. 90-day chunks – why action items should only be set in 90-day compartments
  2. Structure your success – provide a framework for your leaders to follow through the implementation journey
  3. Make choice your collaborator – allow your people to choose the right actions as it increases fivefold they will take the right actions
  4. Less is more – when you ask people to do less, more is achieved
  5. Communicate throughout – don’t let the communication dissipate after the launch
  6. Abandon yesterday – you can no longer rely on yesterday’s business to deliver tomorrow’s revenue and must look at disrupting the business today
  7. Point out what’s right – most leaders only point out what’s wrong, not what’s right. Requiring a balance.
  8. Review rhythm – conduct regular reviews at all levels across every part of the business
  9. Implementation never goes according to plan – one of the few absolutes in business

Below is a graphic facilitation captured during the delivery of the keynote for a client.

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Presenting this keynote is Robin Speculand, the founder and chief executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a Global Pioneer & Expert in Strategy Implementation. His work begins as clients craft their strategy and prepare to discuss the implementation. He is one of the most prolific writers and thinkers on strategy implementation and has published two international bestsellers, Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation and Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive. His latest book is Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Strategy. He is also the inventor of the Implementation Hub, the first portal in the world dedicated to implementation.

Robin is a masterful event facilitator and an engaging keynote speaker. His work has been featured widely in the media, including BBC Global, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times.


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