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Strategy Execution in a Digital World

It’s not about having a digital strategy but a strategy in a digital world.


84% of digital transformations are failing. Leaders need a different mindset and approach from today’s leadership style. No longer can they control everything, spend most of their time in meetings, expected to have all the answers and know everything that’s going on.

This highly engaging interactive keynote addresses why there is such a high failure rate and most importantly identifies what leaders need to differently to implement in a digital world.

The keynote is based on client engagements and research on the state of digital conducted across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It introduces The Ticking Clock© Model that has been featured in Forbes, Duke CE and other international media. It explains the three strategic stages and 11 steps to succeed in adopting digitalization.

Speculand provokes and challenges the audience by sharing digitalization secrets, stories, facts and best practices from around the world. This includes from his book World’s Best Bank: How DBS Makes Banking Joyful. He also explains why not every organization needs to be digitally driven immediately by examining strategy cadence and how digitalization differs from past strategy executions.



Keynote Highlights:

  • Why Digital Execution Fails
  • The Ticking Clock© Model
  • Strategy Cadence – speed of execution
  • Leaders Digital Mindset
  • Traditional Vs Digital Execution Differences
  • Best practices, examples and stories



The Presenter

Robin Speculand is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation who is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different mindset and approach. The founder of three companies and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, he has created the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. He is also co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute, a TEDx presenter and an  international bestselling author who has sold more than 50,000 books worldwide.

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