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Strategy Implementation Challenge Keynote


You have created the strategy and now you have to implement it. You go from discussing it with only the top leaders to sharing it with the whole organization and giving people direction. Strategy is about making the tough choices; implementation is about taking the right actions.


Stewards of Strategy

Leaders don’t implement strategy; people do. Leaders are responsible for crafting the strategy and then overseeing and championing its implementation. As stewards of the strategy, they must engage and support the people, communicate the strategy, align it to the culture, identify the right measures, change the processes and constantly review the strategy’s execution.


A Structural Framework

Many leaders struggle with implementation for these reasons: Because they underestimate the challenge, because they become distracted with chasing quarterly performance, or because they have no structure to guide them.

The Implementation Compass™ provides that structure while highlighting the eight areas required for Excellence in Execution. It is based on research from companies that have successfully implemented their strategy and their client experience.

Specifically, the Implementation Compass directs leaders to execute strategy and ensure everyone involved is taking the right actions.


The Presentation

This straight-talking, hard-hitting, highly engaging presentation is invaluable to company leaders who want to avoid common pitfalls and successfully implement strategy.

It explores:

  • Why strategy implementation is one of the hottest leadership topics today
  • The eight areas of implementation and its framework, the Implementation Compass
  • How leaders can identify the right actions and develop the discipline to take them
  • How to spur the workforce to action beyond giving out t-shirts and coffee mugs
  • What works and what doesn’t work to successfully implement strategy

Using stories, examples, videos, provocative questions and mini case studies, this keynote gives leaders an understanding of how to conquer the strategy implementation challenge for their organization.


Key Points from the Implementation Compass:

The following key points make up the Implementation Compass:

  1. People – how the calibre of those involved dictates the calibre of the implementation
  2. Biz Case – “why” the organization must adopt a new strategy
  3. Communication – importance of communicating constantly and sharing experiences
  4. Measure – how to identify key measures and track performance
  5. Culture – how your organization’s culture drives the implementation
  6. Process – how to innovate current ways of working and eliminate unnecessary tasks
  7. Reinforcement – how to encourage people to take the right actions and reward them
  8. Review – how to maximize results by conducting regular reviews


The Presenter

Presenting this keynote is Robin Speculand, the founder and chief executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a global pioneer and specialist in strategy implementation. His work begins once clients have crafted their strategy and are ready to start the implementation journey. One of the most prolific writers on strategy implementation, he has published two international best sellers, Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation and Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive. His latest book is Excellence in Execution: HOW to Implement Strategy. He also invented the Implementation Hub, the first portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation.

Robin is a masterful event facilitator and an engaging keynote speaker. His work has been featured in the media, including BBC Global, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times.


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