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Agile IMPACT is a toolkit with a structured approach for implementing actions within 90 days. It includes templates, guides and tools to ensure their successful implementation. IMPACT starts after you have created the plan of action and as your meeting or workshop is ending. In theory the plan of action is a fait accompli. In practice, it’s a different story. On returning to the organization and despite team members’ best intentions, most action plans are not executed.Most of us start out with the right intentions but somewhere between thought and action, we lose focus, we lose direction, we lose commitment. IMPACT bridges this gap.

Its design overcomes the most frequent challenges and guides the team to success through its structured approach. It is practical, easy to use and adopts best practices from around the world. At its heart are six Action Team Meetings (ATMs), held every two weeks, to make sure team members are doing what they said they were going to do.

You receive a customized bag that includes: Team Mentor’s, Leader’s and Member’s Guide; IMPACT Posters; Certificate; Wobblers; IMPACT Pens; USB Flash Disk containing templates and soft copies and other materials.

Agile IMPACT Kit is reusable and is only US$499, which includes packing and shipping.

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“Strategy implementation will not be successful,
when it is considered an interruption to a leader’s job.”

Robin Speculand

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