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Readiness2Execute Assessment



Organization Assessment

Identify the strategy you are assessing and then adopt that as the reference to answer the following 24 questions. If you have not yet launched the strategy then base your answers on what you perceive the response from the organization will be.

Select the proper rating in the scale from 1 to 10. Where 1 is Low and 10 is High.

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1. People

It’s not the leaders but the people who execute.

How confident are you that you have the right caliber of people on board? *
How assured are you that they have the skills and knowledge required to execute the new strategy? *
How engaged and inspired are they in the execution? *
2. Biz Case

Why is a new strategy required?

Rate the sense of urgency to adopt the strategy? *
How well can your people explain the strategy? *
How inspired are your people participate in the execution? *
3. Communicate

Explain what needs to be achieved and provide constant updates.

How well do people know the new actions they must take to execute the strategy? *
Rate leaders level of continuous involvement in the execution by overseeing what's happening, supporting activities and sharing updates? *
How well have messages about successes, best practices and lessons learned from the execution experience been communicated on an on-going basis? *
4. Measure

Track the execution’s progress with the right measures.

How well have the new corporate-wide measures for the new strategy been identified to track the execution success? *
Rate how well leadership are leveraging measures to drive the execution? *
How well do the new measures drive the right actions? *
5. Culture

Drives the way in which the strategy is executed.

Rate how well does the current culture supports the new strategy? *
How well do all the leaders understand their company’s culture and how it impacts the execution? *
Rate how well the pace of the execution is assisted by the culture? *
6. Process

Change the way people work by aligning processes.

Rate how well processes support the new strategy execution? *
How ready is the organization to redesign/innovate processes? *
How empowered are people to make the necessary changes? *
7. Reinforce

Reinforce the desired actions.

When people take the new actions, how well are they recognized and rewarded? *
How well does your reinforcement encourage people to keep demonstrating the right actions? *
How well are leaders supporting and encouraging staff performance by being visible? *
8. Review

Constantly review to make sure the right actions are being taken and delivering the right outcomes.

Rate the frequency the execution is reviewed by the leadership? *
How well do you know what has been learned from the execution in the last 90 days? *
Rate how well the reviews are being adopted to manage the execution? *

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