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“Customers notice your implementation not your strategy”

“A leader needs both the ability to formulate strategy and the skills to implement it.”

“You can outsource the crafting of the strategy but not its implementation.”

“Leaders have been taught how to plan but how to implement. This has created a strategy implementation skills gap.”

“Successful implementation is not complex but it does require discipline.”

“Organizations excellent in execution leverage their culture as a strength”

“Strategy implementation will not be a success story, when it is considered an interruption to a leader’s job”

“If your strategy does not provide a competitive advantage then your execution needs to.”

“Don’t leave employees to figure out implementation – provide them the skills, systems, structure and security to succeed.”

“Execution is about the transformational powers of routine.”

“In implementation, time is the only non-recoverable resource, use it wisely.”

“A new strategy becomes real when there is no turning back to the previous one.”

“The ideal is to have five, plus or minus two strategic objectives each year that the organization works on.”

“Encourage your people to participate in the execution by letting them know a small action is a good start.”

“Try the grandma test to make sure you are being understood and avoiding jargon – Does your grandma understand the strategy when it’s explained to her?”

“Leaders must keep the culture nimble and constantly adjusts it to support the strategy implementation.”

“If the communication about the implementation dissipates then so does the interest in the implementation among people. Keep the communication alive throughout your journey.”

“Leaders need to be held accountable for both short and long-term performance to overcome the implementation juxtaposition.”

“Superior performance comes from striking a balance between crafting strategy and executing it.”

“Leaders must be obsessed with their strategy and its implementation.”

“Holding people accountable for implementation is one of the most powerful and easiest actions of leadership you can take.”

“Implementation is transformation from the core. Change management is transformation around the core.”

“If middle managers are not supported as the lynchpins of execution then it will fail.”

“In organizations achieving excellence in execution they have highly inspired and engaged people taking the right actions.”

“When organizations falter crossing the bridge from strategy to execution, what is required is a different mindset and approach.”

“Often leaders assume they are doing better than they are at excellence in execution and an implementation assessment works as a reality check.”

“An imperative part of a leader’s time in excellence in execution is being visible in the organization and talking about the strategy implementation.”

“If you don’t set the strategy and then craft the budget so as to allocate required funding employees will sense the lack of commitment and not step up and the implementation will fail.”

“If leaders only apply lip service to strategy implementation and don’t sincerely drive it and champion it employees will sense the lack of commitment and not step up and the implementation will fail.”

“If you don’t create the time for to oversee the implementation journey and change your weekly agenda then employees will sense the lack of commitment and not make the effort and the implementation will fail.”

“Leaders must not just talk about but allocate funding for implementation but do it.”

“Excellence in Execution demands frequent and regular reviews.”

“Pay attention to the vital few measures and ignore the trivial many”

“The only way you know a strategy is good or bad is by implementing it, testing it and reviewing it.”

“Organizations need to not only get better at implementation but do it faster. They must move at two speeds, fast and faster.”

“The right actions builds your implementation traction.”

“People must understand the strategy before they can act on it.”

“To achieve excellence in execution a different mindset is needed – the notion as time as linear and milestone based must be replaced by a cyclical model.”

“After launching a new strategy the leader’s calendar must change to reflect the time being spent overseeing the implementation.”

“Implementation is a journey not an event”

“Implementation happens when leaders support their vocal comments with the right actions.”

“Only when a strategy is successfully executed do you know if it was a good strategy.”

“Only when the execution succeeds does it positively impact shareholder value.”

“Customers notice your implementation not your strategy.”


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