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Who We Are

We are a global business consultancy, based out of Singapore, considered by many as pioneers and experts in the field of strategy implementation. We work with governments, multinational corporations and local organizations across five continents, assisting them to successfully execute their strategy. At the turn of the millennium, Bridges was born from the frustration of watching so many implementations fail. This fueled our desire to be a catalyst in helping leaders succeed and develop a competitive advantage.

We work with a broad range of industries as our approach is generic.

Four things to know about us


We only work with a handful of clients each year so we can ensure their successful implementations. For us, the greatest satisfaction derives from seeing your strategy successfully implemented. Hence, we take on only a select few clients, giving us time to fully support and work with your organization through the many challenges that lie ahead.


We should warn you, we are crazy about implementation. Many of our peers and even our clients ask, “Are we crazy? Why focus on implementation? It’s the toughest, most time-consuming part!” Yes, it is. And we probably are completely crazy because we love the business we are in. We actually have fun implementing! We relish rolling up our sleeves and working hand in hand with you to drive the right actions. After all, it is in the implementation that you see the results.


We ensure your implementation is your own. The execution of your strategy is all about you and your culture. Every organization is different and every implementation therefore is unique. You have to own the journey. Although you can examine principles and adopt tools that work in other organizations, the approach you adopt must fit your organization’s unique culture and you must make it your own.


We transfer the IP (intellectual property) to you. We don’t send a team of consultants to your office as you have to own your own implementation. We are like a trainer in the gym. We give you the knowledge and show you what works (and what to avoid) along the way, but you are the ones who need to pull the weights. You have to own the implementation. We partner with you to transfer our knowledge of implementation into your organization so that you become self-sufficient. We set you up with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve your strategy objectives.

When to engage us

When to engage us

When is the most effective time along your journey to engage Bridges?

The most effective point to engage Bridges is just as you are finishing crafting your strategy and about to start thinking about implementing it. Why? At this stage we can assist in crafting your launch of the strategy, making sure it is received well and the implementation starts to build traction. With only 5% of people in a company able to explain what their own organization’s strategy is, this is tougher than many leaders anticipate.

We then work with you typically for 12 to 18 months, guiding you through the implementation journey, assisting you to overcome challenges and providing resources as required to support you and the whole organization.

Why engage us

Why engage us

We combine solid experience with a passion for successful implementation so our clients achieve maximum results.

Since the new millennium began, the Bridges team has conducted research, developed frameworks, provided tools and techniques, and crossed new bridges as pioneers of implementation thinking. Because of this, we can support organizations in delivering on their strategy promise.

Today, most of our work comes from repeat clients—a testament to our consistent delivery of quality, pragmatic outcomes.

We are in the business of strategy implementation. Period.

“Customers notice your
implementation not your strategy.”

Robin Speculand

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