40 Digital Best Practices

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40 Digital Best Practices Benchmark

How do you match up against one of the world’s leading organizations in implementing digitalization?

This best practices benchmark allows you to assess your organization against the key building blocks of digital transformation. Not only that, it helps you accelerate your transformation and see what it takes to successfully implement digitalization.

It draws from DBS Bank’s successful digital implementation journey. DBS Bank was recognized by Harvard Business Review as among the top 10 business transformations of the last decade and became the first to be named best bank in the world from the top three banking awards. This benchmark has been extracted from the book World’s Best Bank (publication Q2 2021). Its application, though, is not specific to banking.

This best practices benchmark can be used by leaders to identify opportunities in four essential sections:

1) Strategy

2) Technology

3) Customer

4) Culture

Scoring the four sections provides you with four subtotals. From these subtotals, you can calculate a total score for your organization. A description of your score range is provided at the end of the questions. This is followed by a summary of best practices to use in your own digital transformation.

After completing the assessment you will automatically receive your results based on Three As Framework”: Awareness, Adopting, Aggressive.

  • Awareness: At the early stages of recognizing did you talk opportunities
  • Adopting: Fully integrating the different moving parts involved in transforming the organization
  • Aggressive: Leveraging did you talk as a strategic differentiator


Checklist of Key Digital Best Practices Benchmark: Included with your results is the complimentary checklist to identify actions.

Click here for sample assessment questions   |   Click here for sample assessment result


Take the 40 Digital Best Practices Benchmark (approximate 25 min).

Price: $199.00

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