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C-Suite Guide to Implementing Digitalization

The singular focus of this briefing is to assist senior leaders in understanding the challenge of transforming their business so they can strategically leverage digitalization when many others fail. Thus, it will enable their organizations to deliver greater value to their customers, employees and shareholders.

Evolved from Bridges digital research, publications and engagements around the world, this briefing delivers value by:

  • Sharing a model for implementing digitalization
  • Highlighting the most common digitalization traps
  • Changing leaders’ digital mindset for success
  • Sharing global best practices and user cases

It’s not about having a digital strategy but executing a strategy in the digital world.

One of the first challenges in implementing digitalization is to recognize the role it plays in the overall organization strategy. It is not about creating a digital strategy but having a strategy in the digital world. The strategic question is not “what can digitalization do for your organization?” It’s “what is your strategy, in a digital world, to meet and exceed your customers’ new necessities?”

Every organization needs to adapt its business model to the new working environment. However, the speed at which it has to transform depends on your market and strategy objectives. Recognizing this, C-Suite Guide to Implementing Digitalization features discussions provoked by sharing a model, methodology, use cases and hard-hitting facts while challenging many current perceptions.

Implementing digitalization requires three strategic stages and 11 operational steps for leaders to consider. These are captured in the Ticking Clock© Model, shown below.

C-Suite Guide to Implementing Digitalization e-Brochure

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