Digital implementation course


Digital Implementation for Leaders
(one-day or four virtual modules)

  • No conference tables – learn in an open environment
  • No printed workbook – receive online link to all materials
  • No fixed agenda – fluid building blocks with time to dive into what you need

Leaders in many organizations are being asked to implement digital initiatives, and they often struggle to understand how the many moving parts come together. This workshop is designed to support leaders in overcoming the challenges that cause more than 80% of digital implementations to fail.

It has been borne out of identifying the divide emerging among those responsible for setting strategy in a digital world and the leaders required to implement it. Different mindsets and skillsets are required.

Organizations struggle if department heads find themselves competing rather than collaborating with each other. Our research reveals that a unifying digital purpose is needed to drive the transformation. This ensures all are aligned toward common goals and measures.

Consider that the top five companies in Harvard Business Review’sThe Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade” saw gross profit increase by an average of 857% over the past decade (pre Covid-19). Their successful implementation of digitalization centered around defining a new purpose for the business and then transforming its culture and its business.

To lead a digital transformation, leaders are required to be open to going back to school as they need to learn a new language and approach to successfully implement it. Digital implementation is a bottom-up-driven initiative involving, for example, hackathons, customer journeys and design thinking. As a result, leaders no longer go to meetings to  make sure people have done what they asked. Rather, they go to them to find out what is happening!

At this workshop, participants won’t see round conference tables with white tablecloths, workbooks and a fixed agenda. Instead, they’ll find an agile environment that encourages free-flowing conversation and addresses their specific digitalization needs and questions, which supports the culture an organization needs to adopt.

The workshop is supported by a personal digital maturity assessment, case study on one of Harvard Business Review’s top ten digital transformations, an organizational 40 Digital Implementation Best Practices assessment and a provoking e-playbook.

Digital Implementation for Leaders e-Brochure

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