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Strategy Implementation for Leaders Seminar
(one-day or four virtual modules)

Leaders need the ability to craft a winning strategy and the skill to implement it. But only a few have both.

The challenge is that leaders have been taught how to plan but not how to implement. This is reflected in the high implementation failure rate.



No leadership team walks into a conference room and declares, ‘‘Let’s create a bad strategy!’’ Each member of the leadership team thinks the strategy is good. But only when a successful implementation follows can this team be proven right.

Since 2000, this foundation course has come alive for over 25,000 leaders worldwide, providing them with an awareness and understanding of what strategy implementation is, why it is so difficult to achieve and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

To create a strategy, the best minds in the organization come together. They devote their time, energy and effort to identifying ways they can outplay the competition, increase customer loyalty and improve shareholder value. Yet despite their best attempts, more than two-thirds of strategy implementations fail.

It is even more acute that leaders know the reasons why implementation fails yet they habitually repeat the same mistakes!

Customers notice the implementation of your strategy, not the strategy itself!

Putting the spotlight firmly on implementation, this highly researched and informative seminar prevents you from repeating mistakes by providing you with a framework to guide your organization’s implementation.  As well, it provides assessments on your organization’s readiness to implement and then identifies corrective action.

The only way you know if you have a good strategy is to implement it.

Strategy Implementation for Leaders Seminar e-Brochure

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