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1. Implementation Compass

Implementation Compass
The eight areas of Excellence in Execution make up the Implementation Compass™ — a framework for identifying the right actions to execute strategy. It is Bridges’ proprietary framework.The Compass was first published in 2004 in Bricks to Bridges–Make Your Strategy Come Alive as a metaphor for leaders to understand the eight areas required for Excellence in Execution. After being adopted by hundreds of organizations from different industries worldwide, its value remains constant.

The strategy created is your organization’s map that shows where you are and where you want to go. The Compass shows you which actions to take to move your strategy in the right direction throughout the implementation journey.

As a leader, you act as a guide showing people the best path to take. The Compass assists in identifying the right actions to take, but you still require discipline throughout the organization to take the right actions.

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2. Readiness to Execute Assessment

How ready is your organization to implement the strategy?Not all of the directions on the Implementation Compass are of equal importance to an organization at the same time, but all are important. An organization’s leaders start by focusing on where best to spend their time as well as allocate their resources.

Many organizations charge forward relying on past experience to make everything work. They don’t know, however, their current capabilities. This lack of knowledge contributes to the high failure rate.

Just as you do due diligence before buying an organization or assess the market before launching a new product, it’s necessary to assess your implementation capabilities before launching your new strategy. By engaging Bridges to assess your organization over two weeks, you are able to customize your implementation and build a detailed plan.

Readiness to Execute evaluates the organization against the eight areas of Excellence in Execution. It examines the strategy plans and current business performance.

Once completed, all results are transferred into a report and a radar diagram, which visually illustrates the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. By taking time to understand the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, you are building an implementation plan that sets up your organization for success. In effect, you know what to do and what not to do.

Get ready to have your own Readiness2Execute Assessment test fast and easy way. Download the result as CSV.

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Most of us start out with the right intentions but somewhere between thought and action, we lose focus, we lose direction, we lose commitment. IMPACT bridges this gap.This toolkit has a structured approach for implementing actions within 90 days. Packaged in a computer-bag-sized kit, it includes templates, guides and tools to ensure your successful implementation.

IMPACT comes into play after you have created the plan of action as your meeting or workshop is ending. In theory, the plan of action is a fait accompli. In practice, it’s a different story. Despite each team member’s best intentions, most action plans are not executed.

At the heart of IMPACT is six Action Team Meetings (ATMs), held every two weeks, to make sure team members are doing what they said they would do. Its design overcomes the most frequent challenges and guides the team to success through its structured approach. It is practical, easy to use and adopts best practices from around the world.

IMPACT’s reusable customized bag includes: Team Mentor’s, Leader’s and Member’s Guide; IMPACT Posters; Certificate; Wobblers; IMPACT Pens; USB Flash Disk containing templates, soft copies and additional materials.

IMPACT Kit is only US$495, which includes packing and shipping.
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4. The Implementation Hub

Most of us start out with the right intentions but somewhere between thought and action, we lose focus, we lose direction, we lose commitment. IMPACT bridges this gap.This exciting, informative and stimulating website serves those who want access to implementation resources in the most effective and efficient way. It is the first portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation. Here, you can easily find what you are looking for in one place rather than searching online endlessly.

It’s a central depository loaded with more than 480 templates, techniques, tips, best practices, media presentations, case studies, audits, tools and other useful resources. They all support you in either understanding more about strategy implementation or providing you with materials and skills you require for success.

The four broad categories on the Hub are:

  1. Introduction to Strategy Implementation – explains why implementation has become a leadership field in its own right and a competitive differentiator.
  2. A Framework – uses the Implementation Compass to identify the eight areas of Excellence in Execution
  3. Tools, Tips & Techniques – to support your implementation journey
  4. Resources – additional materials you may require

Each area has multiple sections within it. The portal’s site map gives an overview of the Hub and its search function allows you to look for specific topics. You’ll find fresh content every two weeks.

The most popular section is “One Minute on Implementation,” which has leaders and academics sharing a video message in 60 seconds. There are also case studies, audits, slide decks, articles, recommended videos, books, blogs, tools, templates and more.

Individual membership to the Hub is only US$99 a year.


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5. Strategy Implementation Review (SIR)

SIR is designed to support an area where some leaders lack discipline, and that is to follow through.Leaders craft strategy and identify the actions; however, more often than not, they do not make a concerted effort to follow though. They fail to ensure the strategy is implemented.

When organizations start to execute their strategy, they move from theory to practice, from planning to action and from concept to implementation. On doing so, they become aware that what seemed ideal in theory does not always work well in practice. Organizations need to adjust their strategy and its implementation to overcome environmental and practical challenges as they roll it out.

SIR provides the structure to capture these changes, to ensure that strategy implementation is on track and that the right actions are being taken. It ensures time is taken to step back and examine the current position relative to the objectives stated.

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6. Implementation Cards

Learn from previous mistakes made in your organization and others, and then turn them around to your advantage. Each set (designed for six to eight people) comes with instructions on how to create an interactive and highly engaging 45-minute session to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for your implementation.For more information Click here

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“A leader needs both the ability to formulate strategy and the skills to implement it.”

Robin Speculand

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