Excellence in Execution

Excellence in Execution

Excellence in Execution

HOW to Implement Your Strategy

At a time of tremendous business disruption, leaders need to execute strategies more frequently and more effectively than before.

Excellence in Execution provides a new approach to adopting the right mindset, toolset and skillset to execute strategy. This book is Speculand’s fourth on the subject and is new thinking and material. It moves from “why” execution is important to the “HOW” by offering tools, techniques, tips and uncommon practices to build your organization’s execution plan and deliver on your strategy promises.

You’ll benefit from 16 years of research and development that includes:

  • A video link starting key chapters to introduce their content
  • Models and frameworks to guide you
  • Free downloadable templates throughout from the Implementation Hub portal
  • The latest research studies on strategy implementation
  • 18 toolkits and 11 checklists to support your implementation journey
  • 182 questions to ask before rolling out a new strategy
  • An in-depth study of how Singapore’s DBS Bank masterfully executed its strategy

You’re introduced to the language of execution as you learn about Strategy Cadence, Three Broad Themes of Execution, Culture of Excellence, Decoding the Execution Challenge, Eight Disciplines for Taking Right Actions, Why Less is More, 90 Day Chunks, Over the Wall, Review Rhythm, Why You Need to Abandon Yesterday and more.

An amazing guide for you organization’s strategy implementation showing you HOW to succeed.

Please click here www.excellenceinexecutionbook.com for the book website.

“Leaders must be obsessed with their strategy.”

Robin Speculand

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