Implementation Assessments

This best practices benchmark allows you to assess your organization against the key building blocks of digital transformation. Not only that, it helps you accelerate your transformation and see what it takes to successfully implement digitalization.

It draws from DBS Bank’s successful digital implementation journey. DBS Bank was recognized by Harvard Business Review as among the top 10 business transformations of the last decade and became the first to be named best bank in the world from the top three banking awards. This benchmark has been extracted from the book World’s Best Bank (publication Q2 2021). Its application, though, is not specific to banking. TO This benchmark has been extracted from the book World’s Best Bank. Its application, is not specific to banking and can be applied to any organization.

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Executing your strategy is not an easy challenge. It is tough enough to create the right strategy, never mind execute it. More often than not—and despite all good intentions—execution fails to deliver the desired results.

After creating your strategy, where and how do you start? Once you roll it out, how do you know where to take the right actions? Do you know where your strength and weaknesses are in your ability to implement your strategy?

This tool helps you assess all the elements needed to successfully execute your strategy.

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How ready are you to excel at digital transformation? In a world where digitalization affects every organization, professionals are challenged to transform both their mindsets and their approach to work.

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is a self-assessment that reveals a person’s level of digital maturity and current position on a digital journey. It has been designed by Professor Michael Netzley and Robin Speculand.

It’s a six-minute online assessment and after completing, participants receive a report describing where they are on their digital journey and recommendations for further development.

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