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Our keynotes are customized to your audience and we design specific speeches for your event.

Our keynotes engage the audience and are both serious and entertaining. They include examples, case studies and stories to deliver a succinct and lasting message.



A hands-on keynote for leaders looking to excel in strategy implementation.
This keynote specifically addresses the habits leaders need to succeed, when so many strategy implementations are failing.…

Digitalization is rapidly becoming a hygiene factor in leading organizations. Leaders have now embraced the need and integrated it into every part of their business while staying focused on its value to customers.…

Discover how DBS transformed from a traditional bank to the world’s best by becoming digitally driven. Discover the strategy that focused on technology, customer and culture and best practices.…

Leader have been taught how to plan but not how to execute and this has created a strategy execution skills gap. The skills gap is a key reason that more strategy executions fail than succeed.…

Visit Robin’s YouTube channel to view him speaking – “What does strategy implementation really mean to employees?"

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