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Excellence in Execution – More Critical than Ever Keynote


Leader have been taught how to plan but not how to execute and this has created a strategy execution skills gap. The skills gap is a key reason that more strategy executions fail than succeed.

This keynote address how leaders can succeed where most of their competition are failing by becoming excellent in execution and why it’s more critical than ever before .

Once leaders have created the strategy it has to be executed and this is far from fait accompli; especially in a digital world where execution is even tougher. But leaders don’t execute strategy, their people do. Leaders are responsible for crafting the strategy and then overseeing and championing its execution.  As stewards of the strategy, they must engage and support the people, communicate it, align it to the culture, identify the right measures, change the processes and constantly review its execution.

Strategy is about making the tough choices;
execution is about taking the right actions.

Many leaders struggle with execution because they habitually keep underestimating the scale of challenge and because they lack a framework to guide them. This results in them taking the wrong actions at a critical time. They are also under greater pressure to deliver on their strategy promises due to the acceleration of the strategic landscape and market demands.

The keynote introduces the Implementation Compass™ to provide leaders and the organization the required structure. Bridges propriety Compass highlights the eight areas required for excellence in execution and directs leaders and the whole organization on the right actions.

The Presentation


This straight-talking, highly engaging and informative presentation is invaluable to company leaders who want to avoid common pitfalls and achieve excellence in execution. It is delivered by a global thought leader and one of the most prolific writers in the subject – Robin Speculand.

It explores:

  • Why strategy execution is one of the hottest leadership topics today
  • The Implementation Compass providing stories, videos and examples
  • How leaders identify the right actions and develop the discipline to take them
  • Lessons on what works and what doesn’t work from around the world

Using stories, examples, videos, provocative questions and mini case studies, this keynote gives leaders an understanding of how to conquer the strategy execution challenge for their company.


The Presenter

Robin Speculand is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation. He is driven to transform strategy implementation globally by inspiring leaders to adopt a different mindset and approach. He is the founder of three companies and three business associations. Robin is CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and Ticking Clock Guys. A TEDx presenter, facilitator for IMD and an adjunct faculty member for Duke CE and Singapore Management University, this international bestselling author has sold more than 50,000 books worldwide. He recently co-authored the Digital Implementation Playbook.


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