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Build Your Execution Plan Workshop


A significant difference in successful companies’ approach to understanding how to execute strategy is that they consider the execution planning as part of the strategy planning. Leaders often focus more on crafting than executing it and exclude the details on how it will happen.

Without the plan in place, leaders struggle after launching the strategy. What do they do first? Where should they allocate resources? Should they focus on communicating the new strategy or measuring it? The uncertainty in being unable to answer these frequent questions breeds confusion, discontent and lack of confidence. That in turn undermines any opportunity for the new strategy to gain traction. The comprehensive execution plan guides you through the journey by allocating required resources, providing direction and maintaining momentum. It also assists in demonstrating the leaders’ authentic commitment and sincerity.

The two-days involves the leaders rolling up their sleeves and discussing what is required inside the organization to execute the strategy. The highly interactive workshop aims for leaders to:

  • Understand of why most companies fail and what it takes to decode the strategy execution challenge
  • Discuss the essential building blocks for achieving excellence in execution and how they impact the company
  • Develop the execution plan in 90 day compartments
  • Learn from various case studies
  • Discover the secrets of execution from leading organizations

During the execution, the plan is modified to respond to changes as they happen, but the core approach and principles typically remain typically intact.

Taking time to develop your execution plan ensures an enriched conversation among the leadership and adds tremendous long-term value.

“Don’t leave employees to figure out implementation –
provide them the skills, systems, structure and security to succeed.”

Robin Speculand

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