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Commutation Foundation Workshop


In business we have a bad habit of over complicating communication and making it hard for people to understand important messages. As a result most people in an organization do not even know what their own company strategy is!

The goal of communicating strategy is not just to inform everyone what the new strategy is and how it impacts the business. This is only one small part of the goal and we are not even good at doing this.

The goal of communicating strategy is shown in the pie chart opposite.

The one-day workshop involves six to eight leaders, which includes the Communications and Strategy Director to identify the communication positioning and brand the strategy internally.

Held onsite, the workshop team identifies and/or creates:

  • Communication statement and objectives
  • Target audience
  • Working environment
  • Key messages
  • Strategy brand
  • Right measures
  • Key tactics, activities and budget

The outcome is a communication plan that articulates a timeline, key messages that need to be shared with different segments of the organization and internal branding of the strategy.

Offered: In-house on site
Audience: Communication Director, Strategy Director and senior leaders
Duration: One-day
Number of Participants: 6-8
Contact: [email protected]

“The ideal is to have five, plus or minus two strategic objectives each year
that the organization works on.”

Robin Speculand

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