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Excellence in Execution Masterclass

Leverage the mindset, toolset and skillset from successful companies and avoid the most common mistakes.

This exceptionally engaging two-day informative and interactive Masterclass is based on Robin Speculand’s latest book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Strategy.

It provides you with updated approaches, thinking, language, frameworks uncommon practices and tools and techniques. During the sessions you start to build your companies execution plan and discuss key content required to achieve Excellence in Execution, such as Strategy Cadence, Three Broad Theme of Execution, Culture of Accountability, Aligning Projects and Review Rhythm. You also discuss in-depth case studies, neuroscience videos, organizational puzzles and challenges.

You also receive a soft copy of the material, a framework for implementation and one-year free access to the only strategy implementation portal in the world, The Implementation Hub.
When launching a new strategy, naturally the organization’s leaders fully believe it’s a good strategy. No leadership team walks into a conference room and declares, ‘‘Let’s create a bad strategy!’’ But—

  • Only when the strategy is successfully executed are they proven correct.
  • Only when it’s executed well do customers notice the difference.
  • Only when the execution succeeds does it impact shareholder value.

Achieving Excellence in Execution has a tremendous payoff and leaders are now demanding the tools to execute strategy as well as approach and templates to guide them. The Masterclass provides these and more.

The Masterclass is not for the faint hearted. It delves into what it takes to achieve Excellence in Execution—and that means doing things differently. It is best suited for leaders embarking on strategy execution and those already underway who need support.

“A new strategy becomes real when there is no turning back to the previous one.”

Robin Speculand

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