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Implementation Hub – Your Portal to Strategy Implementation Success


The Implementation Hub is the first portal in the world dedicated to strategy implementation. This exciting, informative and stimulating site serves those who want access to implementation resources in the most effective and efficient way. You can easily find what you are looking for in one place rather than searching online endlessly.

It’s central depository loaded with more than 450 templates, techniques, tips, best practices, media presentations, case studies, audits, tools and other useful resources. They all support you in either understanding more about strategy implementation or providing you with materials and skills you require for success.

The four broad categories on the Hub are:

  1. Introduction to strategy implementation – why implementation has become a leadership field in its own right and a competitive differentiator
  2. A framework – the Implementation Compass™ identifying the eight areas of excellence for execution
  3. Tools, Tips & Techniques – to support you
  4. Resources – additional materials you may require

Each area has multiple sections within it and the portal site map provides you an overview of the HUB and the search function allows you to look for specific topics. The content is added to every two weeks.

The most popular section is “One Minute on Implementation”. This has leaders and academics sharing a key message in 60 seconds. There are also case studies, audits, slide decks, articles, recommended videos, books and blogs and tools and templates among others.

Individual membership is just US$99 a year.
Global unlimited corporate license is US$18,000.


“Execution is about the transformational powers of routine.”

Robin Speculand

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