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Middle Managers Role in Strategy Implementation – The Lynchpin of Success, Seminar (one-day)

Senior leaders craft the strategy and staff members implement it but the role of middle managers in implementation has not yet been properly addressed. Their role is often overlooked and this is detrimental to the extent it can derail the whole strategy implementation.

Employees struggle to translate strategy into what it means to them. They may read an email, be briefed or attend a town hall meeting on the launch of the strategy and then go back to doing what they were doing before. They need assistance to understand why the organization must transform and how they participate. This comes from the people they listen to most in the company, their immediate boss. Middle managers are the lynchpin because they support, role model, reinforce and coach people to take the right actions to implement the strategy. Most of us start out with the right intentions but somewhere between thought and action, we lose focus, we lose direction, we lose commitment. Middle managers must ensure not only that their people know what to do but they do it. This highly engaging, impactful and interactive one-day seminar addresses:

  • Why middle managers are inspired not to understand strategy!
  • The eight essential activities for middle managers in implementation,
  • How middle managers influence implementation from their position
  • Why employees listen to middle managers more than senior leaders
  • A personal assessment on participant’s implementation capabilities
  • The latest research
  • A framework for taking the right actions based on the eight areas of excellence for execution,
  • An in depth case study

Middle managers play a critical role in implementing strategy.

“In implementation, time is the only non-recoverable resource, use it wisely.”

Robin Speculand

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