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Readiness2Execute Assessment


After creating your strategy, where are your strength and weaknesses in your execution capabilities and where do you start to execute it?

Many organizations charge forward relying on past experience to make execution work. They don’t know, however, their current capabilities. This lack of knowledge contributes to the high failure rate. Just as you do due diligence before buying an organization or assess the market before launching a new product, you need to assess your execution capabilities before executing your strategy.

Bridges conducts the Readiness2Execute assessment for your organization over a two week period that allows your company to build start to build an execution plan and to structure the execution. The assessment evaluates the company against the eight essential areas required for excellence in execution, reviews the strategy plans and current business performance. Focus groups and one-on-ones are also conducted across the organization.

Once completed, the results are presented in a CSV report, which illustrates the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and allows you to start your execution with confidence and the right first impression across the organization.

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Organization Assessment

Get ready to have your own Readiness2Execute Assessment test fast and easy way. Download the result as CSV.

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Your report is generated by answering the questions in each of the eight categories. The results are available as a downloadable document (CSV) for an investment fee of SS$25.00. (All transactions are secured with PayPal secure gateway)

“If your strategy does not provide a competitive advantage then your execution needs to.”

Robin Speculand

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