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Strategy Implementation for Leaders Seminar (one-day)


Major organizations worldwide now recognize that there is a skills gap among their leaders in how to implement strategy. They have been taught how to plan but not how to implement. When they return to their office after crafting the strategy leaders often do not know what to do and are left alone without guidance or a framework.

Customers notice the implementation, not the strategy.

It is therefore essential that leaders are provided the knowledge, capabilities and structure to be successful, which this course achieves.

Strategy Implementation for Leaders is a highly engaging and enriching one-day seminar. It addresses the knowledge gap for leaders and goes deeply into the tough challenge of implementing strategy. It is the longest-running seminar in the world on the subject and is taught across five continents to over 11,000 leaders. Packed with best practices and the latest thinking in the field, it gives you a complete framework to execute your strategy, called the Implementation Compass™

Key Outcomes:

  • Why strategy implementation is one of today’s hottest leadership topics
  • Why it is a competitive differentiator
  • What it takes to execute using the Implementation Compass™ framework
  • Learning how to identify and take the right actions
  • Assessing your organization’s implementation capabilities
  • Realizing that most people won’t resist implementation when it’s communicated correctly
  • Understanding strategy life cycles are becoming shorter and their impact on execution along with Business Model Disruption (BMD)
  • Learn best practices from around the world

“Leader needs both the ability to craft a winning strategy
and the skill to implement it.”

Robin Speculand

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