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Virtual Learning on Line (LoL)

Bridges offers two virtual courses and two virtual keynotes. Our LoL Is based other previous offers and has been adapted for virtual learning. They all focus on interaction and engagement to create an enjoyable experience for the participants. We do this by combining quizzes, polling, reflection time and break out groups.

Virtual Courses

Building Your Digital Business

Six, 2-hour modules over six weeks

This course singular focus is to assist leaders in transforming their business to strategically leverage digitalization.
The course includes the framework the Ticking Clock© model, our newly published university case study on how DBS Bank became the best bank in the world and best practices from around the world.
It also addresses restructuring the organization’s culture, sharing global best practices and includes a pre-course digital assessment.

Course outline

DBS Bank Digital Transformation

Two, 2-hour module based on my SMU Case Study
(also available as Briefing)

Discover how DBS achieved its sensational transformation under the stewardship of CEO Piyush Gupta by challenging its employees to make banking joyful.
The course details how the bank transformed to a 28,000 employees startup, re-architectured its technology and became customer obsessed.
Woven throughout the course are bank examples and stories from Robin Speculand’s research for his new book, World’s Best Bank: How DBS Makes Banking Joyful.

Strategy Implementation for Leaders

Four, 2-hour modules over four weeks

You have created a new strategy, the board has approved it and now you have implement it. But leaders keep repeating the same implementation mistakes and expecting different results.
Strategy is about making the right choices; implementation is about taking the right actions.
Discover why implementation fails, the Implementation Compass™ framework to identify the right actions for your organization, assess your organizations readiness to implement, how people respond and discover best practices from around the world..

Course outline

Virtual Keynotes

How to Adopt Digitalization

90 min interactive and provocative keynote

Leaders need a different mindset and approach today than before with 84% of digital transformations failing. No longer can they aim to control everything, spend most of their time in meetings, know what’s going on and be expected to have all the answers.
This engaging and entertaining session demonstrates why adopting digitalization failure rate is so high, where to start and provides a framework – The Ticking CVlock, for success.

Excellence in Execution

90 min straight-talking and informative keynote

Leaders have been taught have to plan but not to implement. As a result they habitually underestimate the implementation challenge.
To transform their organization They need to adopt new principles and the discipline that is so often missing.
This keynote highlights was successful leaders do differently and shares essential takeaways that make the difference between success and failure.


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